How We Help The Community

Transgender people in transition are faced with a multitude of expenses. Many do not have the financial resources to meet these expenses. Each transition presents its own, unique set of financial challenges.  However, there are several areas that are common to all transitions.This is where SETAI offers financial support on a case-by-case basis. Qualified individuals can receive  financial assistance to cover (all or in part) the following expense types.

 Per the WPATH SOC, all providers are required to have each individual present an evaluation referral letter to begin hormone treatment. The cost of a CSH evaluation varies, typically between $225 and $300.. SETAI attempts to cover the cost of the evaluation/referral al or in part for qualifying individuals.

One of the key milestones in any transition is ones official name and identity change. For a transgender person, having the correct name and gender on their driver’s license, I.D., or passport is of utmost importance. It has a direct impact on the person’s quality of life, and it is a matter of safety. The cost of changing one’s legal name, driver’s license or birth certificate varies greatly from State to State and County to County. While the services of an attorney are not always necessary for a legal name change, it can become overwhelming due to the required documentation and the cost involved. Based on our experience, the median cost for a legal name change in North Carolina is approximately $250. It will be significantly higher if the services of a legal professional are needed. SETAI assists with the cost of the legal identity change for qualified individuals. Some limits apply, and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Many transgender people do not have adequate health insurance which will cover transition related doctor visits, particularly endocrinologist visits. Taking hormones without medical supervision can be lethal and should therefore not be attempted. However, due to a lack of financial means, many transgender people are getting hormones from dubious sources, either on the street or via the internet. In order to keep the community safe, SETAI reimburses qualified individuals for transition-related doctor visits on a case-by-case basis.

Counseling is a key part of any transition. Most transgender people receive a therapist’s help with the many stresses and emotional challenges of transitioning. For many, seeing a transgender gender specialist literally makes the difference between life and death. There are very limited pro bono services available, but most will not meet WPATH standards and are only marginally effective. Therapy assistance is a core service for SETAI. We will subsidize the cost for qualified individuals to see a specialist and get the help they need. The extent and duration of this assistance varies based on individual needs.

FTM Binder Program

Binders are important to FTM transition. Our program helps FTM individuals obtain binders and learn how to use them safely.

Workshops for individuals in transition


There are many “how to” aspects of transitioning. For most transgender people, moving from one social role to another is a daunting task; given the many things they have to learn. From clothing to makeup, voice training to dealing with the loss or gain of social status, the list is extensive. SETAI offers workshops to address these challenges and provides financial support to overcome them. Workshops are a good starting point in learning about specific aspects of transition from both specialists and other trans people.


Workshops for Business and Organizations


SETAI offers training workshops to companies and organizations on how to create a trans friendly environment and assist employees in transition. We design these workshops based on the needs of the organization and the transitioning individuals.